Improper disposal of waste main enemy of Malacca drainage system - Sofi

Littering or improper disposal of waste has not just caused an eyesore, but has also become the main enemy of the drainage system in Malacca.
State Transport, Works and Public Amenities Committee chairman Mohd Sofi Abdul Wahab said this was because the waste would certainly lead to a clogged drainage system, which eventually resulted in flash floods and water disruptions.
"Last week, there was a disruption of water supply Malacca due to Syarikat Air Malacca Berhad's clogged water pumps which caused by garbage accumulation in the dam.
"Therefore, the public are advised to always dispose their rubbish in a proper waste bin and not just simply throw it at will. The improperly disposed waste could flow into the river when it rains and eventually into the dam," he told Bernama here.
Mohd Sofi, who is also the Durian Tunggal assemblyman, admitted that public awareness was very important and thus, in addition to managing a proper garbage disposal, the local authorities need to hold more public awareness campaigns on the importance of managing their own waste.
"The local authorities have to provide adequate waste bins, monitor high-risk areas as well as improving the state's waste management system by taking short-term and long-term mitigation measures," he added.