On Zakir Naik: Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, Prof Dr Ramasamy, has forgotten his 'democratic values'.
As DAP is a party that upholds the fundamentals of democracy, we are very confident that Prof Dr Ramasamy, Deputy Chief Minister, is very familiar with such universal values.
When Prof Dr Ramasamy outspokenly criticised any appearance by Dr Zakir Naik, it seems that he has somehow forgotten DAP's values.
Also unfortunate, a senior leader of a state and a Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, selected the 'less accurate' and 'unwise' statements by Dr Zakir Naik and chose to oppose the latter's lecture.
This has opened up the suspicion that Prof Dr Ramasamy maybe is not an open-minded person after all.
Prof Dr Ramasamy as a Professor and holder of a PhD degree, should enable him to intelligently debate with Dr Zakir.
Unfortunately, Prof Dr Ramasamy chooses to do otherwise.
Despite everything else, it is not too late for Prof Dr Ramasamy to retract his earlier statement and make amends.
He may even choose to attend one of the lectures given by Dr Zakir Naik and take the opportunity to pose intelligent questions directly.
Prof Dr Ramasamy could still redeem himself after all in the eyes of the rational minded majority people of Malaysia.
Dr Zaidi Zakaria
Amanah Permatang Pauh
Pulau Pinang